Whoa: Ballerina Dances En Pointe In Knife-Toed Shoes

August 29, 2013


This is a video of ballerina Amélie Ségarra destroying a piano by dancing on top of it in knife-toed ballerina shoes. Although it's a lot less what you'd think of as dancing and a lot more what you'd think of as angry stabbing and screaming. I'm no therapist, but I sensed some real anger inside her. Say, anybody want to film me dancing on the roof of my neighbor's car with sledgehammer shoes? I'm being serious, he's already out of town for the holiday weekend and I really hate him. When he comes back we'll tell him there was a hail storm. No -- a RIOT. "Then we should probably torch his house too to make it more believable." You really are my best friend, you know that?

Hit the jump for the video, and please, try to keep comments about being able to see her nipples, etc. to a minimum -- this is a family restaurant. Like Hooters, but with man-junk staring at you everywhere you turn.

Thanks to Lizzy, who told me she can do the same thing but with meat cleavers and gets paid 2x what a regular butcher does because she's efficient. Now that -- that's some mental imagery I could have lived without.

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