When Life Hands You Lemons, Become A Superhero: Girl Breaks Arm, Paints Cast Like Iron Man Gauntlet

August 19, 2013


This is a shot of Redditor Caligineus's friend's cast. She broke her arm, then made the most of it by painting the cast to look like one of Iron Man's gauntlets. Impressive, but I would have gone the extra mile and broken both arms so I could rock two of them. Then, I don't know, maybe cracked a couple ribs rollerskating so I could get a body cast and paint an arc reactor too. Of course that's just me and I'm a pro at GETTING INTO CHARACTER. One Halloween I even sawed a leg off so I could make a pegleg for my pirate costume. I came in fourth in the costume contest. NO REGRETS.

Hit the jump for a shot of the other side, as well as a BONUS Iron Man leg cast shot from reader Jesse.



Thanks to fat piggie, who has never broken anything except admirer's hearts. And to Jesse, who has every right to stab anyone who tells him to break a leg again.

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