What, No Pink Rocket Ship?: Mars Explorer Barbie

August 7, 2013


This is Mars Explorer Barbie. She's an astronaut. In pink. With a bubble helmet and trashcan backpack. It looks like she did her makeup too. That's good, it's important to make a good first impression on the nothingness that exists on Mars. LOOK BARBIE -- OVER THERE! *trying to wrestle off pink space boots*

Thanks to Jaclyn, who agrees Mattel should have started with Moon Explorer Barbie and worked their way up from there.

  • david

    um, girls always like pink color.so http://www.liztoys.com can meet you.

  • rotflcandi

    Since when did toys have to be 100% accurate? I'm pretty sure I had an array of toys that weren't scientifically correct growing up and by the time I became old enough to be interested in those careers I was also old enough to know the difference. I sincerely doubt Fisher Price's line of child's toys is 100% accurate, yet no one cares because it's a toy for boys so there's no way they can pretend anything other than "it's an 8 year old, they won't care what it looks like" was meant by it. And ohhh no, pink. The horror. They picked a color for a doll that a lot of girls buy that a lot of girls like. Guess what, if people were really as forward thinking as they claim...they wouldn't be thinking of pink as a GIRL's color anyway, so there would be no need to worry about sexism. It wouldn't matter. But oddly, because we think of pink as a girls colors...we instantly think it's sexiest that it's pink so "girls will like it" and 'what if they like another color or a boy wants it". So what? If a boy wants it, he can buy pink. If a girl doesn't like pink...tough, it's just another color and toys didn't always come in every color I wanted as a child.

  • Alex

    I just find it funny that on the box it says "in collaboration with NASA". And they contributed what exactly??

  • Well of course NASA contributed. Just imagine if they got the dimensions wrong on her space halter-top.

  • Mustache_Cat

    Barbie already went to the moon back in 1985: http://i.space.com/images/i...

    Those knee-high boots! Those puffy sleeves! They're fabulous (still no gloves though, oh well).

    And yes, I know this because I had one back in the day. She helped my Ninja Turtles fight Cobra.

  • RAAD.

  • Guest

    No gloves...no connection to life support pack...she won't last 5 seconds in space.
    She must be an astronaut zombie.

  • Nestor Sanchez

    She needs to be fashionable in space yo

  • Matthew Armstrong

    I won't believe in her Mars-exploring astronaut prowess until she draws a giant peen like Curiosity. Even a damn robot can accomplish that much.

  • Tyler AitchKay

    In before everyone complains about her physique (despite being an astronaut which requires a peak physical condition)

  • Bosun Higgs

    Looks like a Latex Space Suit to me.

  • Granted, this is pretty silly... but can't wait for BekkyShambles and all the other feminists to go apeshit about how Barbie will never be empowered until she's ugly, frumpy, and wearing a pant-suit. Cubicle barbie: the plastic doll that little girls respect for her brains.

  • Anodos

    Wow, your a real sack of crap, arent you? I cant even think of a joke. Im guessing it makes you mad that shes an astronaut and its cool, so you have say "but...but....feminists cut Kens genitals off! I SAW THEM DO IT!"

  • DrZanz

    If you seriously think anything about full blown feminism is good then you've got problems as bad as his. He's ridiculing barbie and the extreme feminists together.
    If you insist on staying on that high horse watch your head, low ceilings here.

  • Anodos

    "Full-blown Feminism" hahaha, you guys live in a bubble, dont you.

  • My point was merely that there are crazy people that come here with an annoying agenda and constantly try to stir the pot by making everything a conspiracy of some form or another. The feminist crazies do it with anything barbie related. The religious crazies do it with anything they can even loosely tie back to god. It's just always off-topic and annoying and gets people pissed off at each other instead of just enjoying the site. I respect all women and all people of faith, but that crap annoys me as much as the dude posting "fuckin obama" on a yahoo news story about Jason Sudakis leaving SNL.

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