Tour The Interior Of The TARDIS In Google Maps

August 14, 2013


Google has added the TARDIS' interior control room to Google Maps, which you can access by clicking the double arrow pointed at the police box located outside the Earl's Court London Underground subway station HERE. My boss just caught me clicking around the map and asked what I was doing and I lied and told him I was looking for a new place to get lunch. He believed me, it just sucks because he asked me to get him something too and I actually brought my lunch today (PB&J) and was planning on spending my break napping in my car. Maybe sometimes honesty really is the best policy. Jk jk, always lie, even if there's no reason to.

Thanks to Jon, Trevor and Jrudrow who agree Google should add the interior of an adult movie theater to Google Maps so we can all see what one looks like without ever having to actually go and being afraid to touch anything.

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