The Ring Gotham Deserves: A Batman Wedding Ring

August 9, 2013


This is the $2,500 - $3,500 Batman engagement ring designed by custom jeweler Takayas Mizuno. I'm not sure if somebody actually requested it or if he just designed it to show off the things he's capable of. Because a lot of time at work I make things nobody actually asked me to, just to show off my talent. Take this bad boy for instance. "A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet drawing of a naked woman using different colored cells?" Pretty sick right? I've made like, a ton of these. "Wow, you even gave her nipples." WOMEN HAVE THEM DON'T THEY?

Hit the jump for renderings of the Spider Man and Zelda engagement rings Mizuno will also make for you or your special someone.




Thanks to lilco, who agrees you can use a twist-tie for a wedding band, it doesn't matter -- just as long as you got them loooooooves.

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