The Order Of X: X-Men Reimagined In Medieval Times

August 20, 2013


This is a series of digital paintings by artist Nate Hallinan (of real-life Smurf fame) reimagining the X-Men as medieval characters. He's already completed Cyclops, Lady Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Colossus and Beast, and has concepts sketched out for Storm, Wolverine and Lord Xavier. I actually like Cyclops and Jean Grey the best, and that's rare because normally I won't side with Cyclops on account of him being such a prissy pants. True story: one time he got all sassy with me for asking him to use his little laser vision to pop a bag of popcorn. After he refused I was all, 'Come on dude, it's movie night and I'm trying to put the moves on Jean.' And *unbuttoning shirt buttons to reveal chest* that's when he laser-eyed both my nipples off.

Hit the jump for the rest.














Thanks to lilco, Patrick and Dougie snugglie, who agree we should all have a Geekologie meet-up at one of those Medieval Dinner Festivals then storm the set during dessert and joust each other's faces off. Fun!

  • Ronin Reverie

    This would make an awesome video game!

  • Lucas Martins

    Guys, I did a petition to transform this project into a official comic story! Help us sharing and supporting please!

  • Steven Duncan

    I'm a writer and I love X-men, I would love to get with you and write some stuff. Not just X-men because of copyright. but just anything. This is amazing work and I have some great ideas I'm just not a good artist.

  • YoungWolf

    Some of the most Original and fun takes I've seen on the X-men, Love Nightcrawler!! Almost reminds me of the run in Uncanny when the X-men were sent to Medievel time

  • Steven Slone

    Hey...this is great. Totally sharing it on all my geek sites :)

  • Tsquare

    This needs to be a series... right away. Colossus and Nightcrawler look incredible.

  • MistahTibbs

    LOL @ the Wolverine sketch.
    "can be thrown."

  • Nate Hallinan

    Thank you so much for all the comments!

  • Ry Keener

    Is this the the X-Men mod for Skyrim? :-)

  • ZerglingPack

    I love this gallery, but wouldn't Forge had been a better choice rather than Colossus?

  • Anodos

    Kurt Wagner remains largely unaffected, lol

  • Fercho

    I'd love to see a real illustration of Storm and not only the sketch. It'd be sweet :3

  • Nate Hallinan
  • Fercho

    THAT's it! Thanks bro.

  • Diero

    why is wolverune a midget ?

  • Anodos

    He is only 5 foot tall, nearly....

  • Diero

    yes but in the comics he looks taller in this version he looks like tyrion lannister

  • Nestor Sanchez

    Nope 5'3"

  • Anodos

    I swear I had a card that said 5 foot 1

  • Orophen

    Because he's only 5'3".

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