The End Nears: Human-To-Human Mind Control Success

August 29, 2013


This is a video from the University of Washington documenting a successful human-to-human mind control experiment. It went like this: Rajesh Rao sat in one lab playing a mind-controlled video game using a special headset. Meanwhile, in another lab, Andrea Stocco was wearing a 'transcranial magnetic stimulation coil' (yes, seriously) that could send the same messages Rao's headset picked up to Stocco's brain. This is all going to end very badly.

As Rao began playing his video game, periodically the need to fire a cannon would arise. To fire this canon, Rao would need to use his right hand to press the spacebar on his keyboard. Instead of doing so, Rao simply thought about moving his right hand. This sent a clear mental signal across campus to Stocco who, as if being controlled by strings, dutifully moved his finger to the spacebar and pressed down.

Well, there you have it -- if the government can get us all outfitted with cranial magnetic stimulation coils this game is OVER. Or have they already? Jesus -- how do I even know I'm the one typing this right now? "Because you still have one hand on your penis?" TRUE. That does seem like a very me thing to do.

Hit the jump for a video of the experiment, but you might want to make a tinfoil helmet first.

Thanks to Unfairchild, JO, alex and Dowdy, who agree ultimate power comes not from mind control, but soul control. Haha, too bad I don't have one.

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