That's It, I'm Developing My Own Language: Oxford Adds 'Twerk', 'Srsly', 'Squee', 'Digital Detox', 'Selfie' To Dictionary

August 28, 2013


As a sign that God is clearly ready to abandon us to focus his efforts on another inhabited planet (I'm assuming he was smart enough to not put all his eggs in one basket), the Oxford Online Dictionary has announced its latest 65 additions to this embarrassment we call the English language. Come on, why couldn't you have just added 'bangarang' and called it a day?

It's important to note ODO is not the same as the Oxford English Dictionary, though they are part of the same family. Oxford's online reference is more adaptable, a little faster and a little looser with the words that they include. After all, their mandate is to focus on current English and modern meanings.

That's it, from now on I'm no longer speaking English. I'm going to pick up one of the romance languages. No -- the MOST romantic language. "French?" Jesus, no -- body language. See this pelvic thrust I'm doing right now -- what's that say to you? "You're a creep." Yes! But in a really sexy voice, right?

Hit the jump for a much longer shot of 40-something of the new words.


Thanks to Pyrblaze, keycrusher and Alice, who made up their own language but refused to teach it to me because they don't want me learning all their secrets. Come on, I've never been in secret club!

  • Fercho

    So, it's all about Miley Cirus, uh?

  • da1nonlysage


  • Guest has begun!

  • mewmix

    Pear cider.... PEAR CIDER!? Why is this a new word to be added now!?

  • Jiffy Jif

    They spelt denim wrong for the Jorts entry.

    I'm too good for this shi

  • Elak Swindell

    Wow, Oxford really has gone down hill with this update. Most of the additions are not even words, just made up crap or a slang that needs to be put in the "slang dictionary", not the actual one. Other entries are phrases, not words. Srsly for seriously? Come on, man. That's just lazy, stupid English. Jorts for denim shorts? That would be Dorts, Deorts or Denorts. Of course, these would fall under the definition of made up names or word combinations. Food baby? No, that's just being an over-eater. Balayage? What? Who the frack came up with one?

  • disqus_v5BMtfYWbA

    Jean shorts = jorts. NOt a new idea at all.

    As much as we may not like whats happening to language, it has always been an evolving thing, with new words and slang creeping in to every day vernacular.
    Do you really think that someone from 100 year ago (or even 50) would approve of the new sloppy language we use? And I'm not talking about srsly or jorts.
    I'm pretty sure my grandfather would be as equally shocked at your causal use of frack (a word that came from a fracking TV show, for fracks sake), as you are at the new words in the dictionary.

  • Elak Swindell

    New words are fine if they don't sound like some made up crap. But the majority of those added by Oxford fall more under the description of slang and should be put in that dictionary, not the official one.

  • Sh17C0que

    Maybe they'll add a word to the dictionary if I say I slurred my words when drunk once.

  • catallergy

    they should be ashamed of themselves

  • Max Baldwin

    I wonder if this is how people felt when we went from Old English to "Current English."

  • tayatayat

    there was Middle English in........the middle.

  • Lee

    Why is bitcoin, blondie and babymoon on that list twice?

  • catallergy

    i think the image just got edited incorrectly

  • Staib


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