Teensy Puffer Fish Makes 7-Foot 'Underwater Crop Circle'

August 23, 2013


This is a video of a little puffer fish making an underwater crop (technically sand) circle. Presumably to attract a mate. Admittedly, I'm not even that into fish but I'd still take him on a date based on his artistry alone. What do you say, little guy -- me, you, a nice cozy booth for two at Red Lobster? WAIT, WHERE ARE YOU GOING?

Hit the jump for the video. If you need me I'll be endless cheddar cheese biscuiting myself to death Romeo and Juliet style.

Thanks to me, for being honest enough with myself to admit that I'm going to spend the entire $50 Cheesecake Factory gift card my parents got me for my birthday on cheesecake and cheesecake only.

  • lauralouise90

    You gotta admit that's pretty impressive - right let's all adopt this method to attract people! Laura @ Marine Aquariums





  • Larry Symms

    Just like a bower bird... cool

  • Guest

    I helped out one o' my puffer friends to make a bigger one not too long ago, with the help of beans.

  • baal

    hrm, the fish is just having a lark. The shape could only have been made by a landing support pad of an alien vessel. The article in Nature to the contrary is a hoax / cover up by USGOV. Don't believe the lies!

  • joevsyou


  • Bubbubsky

    See, even fish are better at math than our school children. I bet they don't even take standardized tests, either.

  • wowemily

    The way it swims through the existing structure is pretty convincing, but I would need to see more proof, too. Dividing a circle into the 26 outer forms so precisely seems unfathomable. 360 divided by 26 results in a very interesting number: 13.84615384615385. Also, the way it grabs that coin or whatever and sticks it right on the apex of one of the mounds with a sense of purpose speaks to some type of contextual awareness in regard to the structure.

  • ChrisBailey

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    This fish is quite an artist...

  • Michael Keselman

    There's no evidence of the fish actually making the pattern, only swimming through it. Prove it!

  • Locrien


    Here is the whole report, pictures from start to finish, and evidence.

  • Thinger
  • asdfasdfasdfadsf

    need a video from the beginning

  • Carissa Lynn van Raak

    That is so adorable!

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