Supermarket Selling Mega Man Shaped Ground Meat

August 19, 2013


This is a shot from the Uwajimaya supermarket in Seattle that's selling Mega Man shaped ground meat. That's a pork Cut Man on the left and a ground beef Mega Man on the right. Clearly somebody in the butcher's shop has some serious skills. So serious I'm surprised they weren't tapped to work in the cake decorating department.

Thanks to my buddy Terry, who thought that was Quick Man on the left at first because he's an idiot.

Me: dude i am taking your mega man meat post
and that is Cut Man not Quick Man you stupid idiot

you f***ing idiot

now apologize

Terry: kick me in the balls
you are right
thats what i get

Me: I think its safe to say
you do not deserve to use mega man as your little AIM icon anymore

that is what's safe to say

  • Satanic_Redneck

    I wonder if I could pull this off at QFC...

  • I looked at living upstairs from that place a few months ago. Awesome awesome grocery store. And fuck yeah, megaman.

  • Quil

    Oh you guys

  • Matthew Anderson

    Uwajimaya ROCKS, man! Haha, see what i did there? It does rock though.

  • Brett R

    That's what she said!


    What's the cooking time on mega man

  • UltraButts

    GW, we all know you have no friends and that you were having that conversation with your cat.

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