Superman Is Jealous: Man (Illegally) Builds Stone Fortress Of Solitude Atop Apartment Complex

August 13, 2013


Zhang Biqing developed a new Chinese acupuncture program, and got rich in the process. So how did he spend his money? Lotto scratchers? NOPE. Buying the penthouse atop a 26-story apartment building then illegally turning it into a stone fortress. Not gonna lie, I probably would have done something similar.

"I heard the swimming pool has caused floods to downstairs flats a few times; those poor families."

Local shopkeepers and security guards suggested bribes had possibly exchanged hands, claiming there were close connections between Mr Zhang and the compound's management, who turned a blind eye to the project.

Chinese officials have given Mr Zhang 15 days to vacate the residence in the city's west district of Haidian - but they face a major issue.

"The only thing now for us is that we can't find the owner," said the Beijing City Enforcement Bureau's Chen Yu told reporters.

"We have issued a lot of summonses, but he never came to us to be investigated."

Ahahahahahhaha, dude added his own f***ing swimming pool to the top of an existing apartment complex! My God, this guy is balling SO HARD. Forget acupuncture, this guy should develop training seminars for aspiring rappers.

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Thanks to ChaosLex, who loves chaos so much he bangs pots and pans in the middle of the night, but only long enough for all his neighbors to wake up, not long enough for them to figure out where the sound is coming from.

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