Super Mario Bros. Level 1-2 In 3D With More Realistic Sound Effects, Brick Breaking, Explosions

August 1, 2013


Remember the first level of Super Modern Mario Bros.? Probably only vaguely or not at all, which is why I just linked to it. And we're back with level 1-2, now with better graphics, sound effects, and EXPLOSIONS. And if there's one thing games need its better explosions. I take that back. If there's one thing games need it's more nudity, followed by explosions. Same goes for romance comedies.

Guy: *fiddling with bra clasp* I swear these things used to be easier in college.
Girl: What? I thought you told me you've never gone past first base before.
Guy: Uh, what I meant was... *bra falls off, followed by NUCLEAR EXPLOSION*

Hit the jump for the video.

Tallon (Dredd's biggest fan), who is apparently Dredd's biggest fan and will stop at nothing until he gets to touch his body armor.

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