Study Of Different Ammo Types Being Shot Underwater

August 7, 2013


This is a video from RatedRR (more nudity than an R movie, but not a full-blown porno) of a bunch of different ammo types being fired underwater in super slow-motion (and high definition). Hollow points, full metal jackets, you name it. "Rubber bullets?" No rubber bullets. "Powerpoint presentation bullets?" Okay, no more questions from you. Also, you can see the dude's nips several times when he's firing, so this could serve as one of those "bikini chicks shooting guns" videos but for the ladies. *rubbing own nipples* You ladies like what you see here? "No." God, me neither.

Hit the jump and +10 your bullet knowledge.

Thanks to Tim, who agrees shooting bullets underwater should only be attempted during adult swim.

  • baal

    Note to self, bring handgun with 'shark ammo' to next beach trip don't swim with sharks. Sharks don't attack people (often) and especially not on land (at least not unless there is a sharknado happening).

  • Pat Patrix

    Not to self...bullets are attached to turds when fired underwater. Good to know.

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