Star Trek USS Enterprise/Romulan Bird Of Prey Cat Tree

August 8, 2013


This is the USS Enterprise and Romulan Bird of Prey cat tree built by Instructables user hatstand4510 for her cat, Saavik. I flipped through the instructions, and, honestly, I feel like it's something even you could build. Granted yours will collapse the first time your cat ever tries jumping on it, but I only said you could build it, not that you could build it well. You will try repairing it, but your cat will never come near the thing again -- the damage has been done.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots.





Thanks to Elizabeth, who built an entire Star Wars battle cat tree complete with X-wings, TIE fighters, and a Star Destroyer.

  • Ed Web
  • Well heck, now I've got to build something like this for my cat.

  • dumvadin

    Yeh, hate to be even geekier here, that is a Romulan Bird of Prey, thats what they looked like in TOS. Klingon Bird of Prey and Romulan Warbirds didn't come in until TNG.

  • Guest

    It's a Klingon Bird of Prey, not a Romulan one. Also, Romulans have Warbirds.

  • Turbosloth

    agreed, 2/10 would not nap on.

  • Robin Manford

    That frustrating goof aside, you have to admit that Saavik is one cute little motherfucker of a cat. Look at him. LOOK AT HIM.

  • Thanatoslives

    It's a cute cat. But the mistake of Klingon/Romulan is unforgivable. Or an 8/10 Successful Troll. Would read again.

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