Somebody Made An Entire G.I. Joe Themed Rap Album

August 30, 2013


'Welcome to Cobra Island' is a 12-track rap album set in the G.I. Joe universe produced by rhymer Wordburglar (not to be confused with the Hamburglar, who steals hamburgers, or the Turdburglar, who secretly collects dingleberries). You can download the album for free HERE. I listened to a couple of the tracks and they really weren't that bad. Maybe not as hot as the raps I spit in the shower, but when you're rhyming naked in front of eight other dudes at the gym you bring your A-game.

Push the button for a shot of the track listing.


Thanks to ÆŽxtnsvEnterprise, whose beats are so fresh they're still on their way to the market.

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