Somebody Built A Life-Size, Fully Functional Wall-E Robot

August 6, 2013


Michael McMaster has three capital M's in his name, that's pretty cool. Plus he and a group of friends spent the last five years building this full scale Wall-E robot, making him even COOLER. Remember when they used to sell Cool Ranch Doritos as Cooler Ranch Doritos? Why'd they do that? By the way, Wall-E here doesn't actually compact trash, so the "fully functional" I included in the title might be a little misleading. Also, the 'FREE COOKIE SAMPLES' sign I saw at the grocery store. They were those shitty fat-free ones. I still had some though. Then I looked the old sample lady dead in the eyes, and you know what I said to her? I've had better tasting crackers. Just kidding, I said 'MMMmmmmm!' and told her she reminds me of my grandma because I'm not out to hurt old lady's feelings.

Hit the jump for a long video discussing the build process and all that jazz.

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