So, It's Come To This: Avengers Themed Sex Toys

August 13, 2013

This is a line of conceptual Avengers themed sex toys. One for each member. Member, LOL. Whatever, if I'm twelve then you're eleven. Hit the jump to see the rest but you'll have to make an extra click at the bottom if you want to see the Hulk because I censored the main image because it's just a giant green dong. I might not want to sit on it but I'd pay good money to slap my roommate in the back of the head with that thing. RAWR, HULK SMASH.

Hit the jump for the rest.

Thanks to Kristy and Mykaios, who are holding out for the Justice League line.

  • Wow... This is going a little far. I have seen Obama ones before! Not sure if they were real, but I did see a picture online. I don't see the big attraction... I'm guessing they didn't sell too many of these!

  • Harry Smith

    Awesome film and also have a great color and awesome work of Avenger's Adult toys.

  • effinmetal

    Oh man. Thor is a special kind of vibe (I work part time in the diddler industry). Its main function is thrust. THRUST. It's a sex toy that fucks YOU. It's pretty awesome. Stronic Eins by Fun Factory - $200.

  • Only 12 inches?
    I would have thought that The Hulk's would be bigger.

  • Kenlin Bros

    Surely you know the reason his shorts don't rip?

  • Azariel_z

    Captain America has a D-Pad...what happens when you input Shoryuken ?Do the lady get a Cervical Punch?

  • rikster81

    HA ha ha ha i like how all of them are themed well but the hulk is just a giant green peenor, at least give it like purple pubes

  • McGarnagle

    I'm pretty sure I caught the Hawkeye vibrator in one of the Pokemon games.

  • baal

    Unown pokemon, yes I own several.

  • McGarnagle

    I'm sure you do, sailor. ;)

  • Closet Nerd

    I think GW is giving us gentle hints at what he wants for his birthday
    .....just sayin

  • Frag Monger

    Hulk SMASH that vagina!

  • Corey


  • WhiteEagle2

    For the hulk one, I was expecting a giant fist.

  • Laura

    Whoahohooh! I completely approve.
    Avengers assemble!

  • Sarah Lorraine Truitt

    LMAO, that's great.

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