Slow Motion Comparison Of Falcon And Raven Flight

August 16, 2013


This is a video from Earth Unplugged featuring an ultra slow-motion comparison of peregrine falcon and raven flight, all filmed from a moving vehicle traveling alongside the birds. They even throw treats in the air for the raven so you can see it swoop around all acrobatically to catch them. So graceful. If I was a bird I definitely think I'd be some sort of crow. Unfortunately, I'm not a bird, which is why I'm building a jetpack. A fortune teller did tell me I was going to die tangled in power lines, so it makes sense. Up up and awaaaaaay! *flies straight into power lines, gets crispy fried* 'Why's it smell like barbeque?' I imagine my roommate asking himself before returning to furiously masturbating to all the times I've mentioned him on Geekologie. Dude's weird.

Hit the jump for the video and at least skip around.

Thanks to Jess, who agrees if it you can't tell if something is a bird or a plane, it's probably just a bug.

  • joevsyou

    There's a video on youtube where they let a falcon dive from a hot air balloon. They put a camera on it and watched it hunt. hitting over 200 MPH in dives!

  • lorrrd

    yea 2 2 bad - the spoiler promised & spoilt ... anyway G.J. GW !

  • WhiteEagle2

    I was hoping for a side by side shot. I guess I could just use my two monitors to do that, but its not the same.

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