Sick!: 15-Ton Congealed Fat And Baby Wipe Blob Found Blocking London Sewer Line

August 6, 2013


In other food news, a 15-ton lump of congealed food fat and baby wipes (among other things) was found to be clogging a London sewer line. It's reportedly the size of a bus. The blob has been dubbed 'fatberg', which is the very clever combination of the words 'fat' and 'iceberg'. I assume some reporter stayed up all night thinking of that one. Me? I stayed up all night thinking about how I'm going to get my roommate to let me keep his couch when he moves out. So far I've come with "pee all over it".

Hit the jump for a video tour of a side of the sewers those ninja turtle movies didn't show us. Apparently it's not all pizza parties down there.

Thanks to Archer, Jaucet and Scissorcake, who haven't heard from the ninja turtles in over a week and are starting to get worried.

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