Russian Mortal Kombat Cook's Shawarma Making Routine

August 28, 2013


Note: No screencap is going to do this beast-ninja justice, just watch the video.

This is a video from Russia of a cook whipping up what appear to be some sort of shawarma wrap, all set to the Mortal Kombat theme (which is actually playing in the restaurant/roller skating rink and not dubbed in after). He has a whole routine, which, at 0:46, includes some insane sword swinging/throwing skills. The video is only a minute long though, so watch the whole thing. Then when you get home ask your mom why she never performed any knife tricks when she was making dinner. Don't get me wrong, mom, your meatloaf was GOOD, but if you would've have swung a sword around it could have been GREAT. What? But I don't wanna load the dishwasher!

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to Alex Kidd (heck yeah, I've played you before!) and Trent, who agree skating rink concession stands always serve the best food. Bowling alleys are second.

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