Rainbow Reflection In Lake Makes Perfect Circle Rainbow

August 30, 2013


If the internet were that lake, it would be empty except for a handful of rotting fish carcasses. This is a shot of a rainbow reflected in a lake taken by Jennifer Hannux of Northeast Kingdom Photography that makes it appear to be a full circle. When reached for comment, Double Rainbow Guy's head f***ing exploded so I just hung up then patted myself on the back for being smart enough to use a pay phone so the authorities wouldn't be able to backtrace the call. *tapping temple* I'm a drinker. "You mean thinker?" No I do not.

Thanks to PYY, who agrees the best rainbows are the ones that lead to pots of gold. All you have to do is dispose of the leprechauns guarding it.

  • Lexi Spence

    There's no such thing as a perfect circle..

  • JJtoob

    You are not perfect...

  • Guest

    Double rainbow, you're doing it wrong.

  • Fercho

    It's all about perspective.

  • Tiago Seiler

    I'm a skydiver and I've seen a perfect round rainbow, so fuck yeah...

  • Luis Peregrina


  • ODwanKenObi

    Kinda looks like a really happy Death star with that cloud in the middle. Obligatory "That's no moon!"

  • WorkFromHome

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    I've seen better... But it's cool

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