Quality Parenting: "My Daughter Had A Nightmare About Me Getting Sucked Into The Computer, After She Watched TRON. This Is What She Will Wake Up To"

August 20, 2013


Because terrorizing your children is one of the few benefits you get to reap for having them in the first place, these are the computer wallpapers that Redditor calve12 made after his daughter had a nightmare about him getting trapped in the computer. That's some solid parenting. Also, did you know that from where I'm from in Alabama it's customary to name your kids after wherever they were conceived? Fun fact: I took a different Panama City Beach to every school dance.

Thanks to ChaosLex, who loves chaos so much he plans on telling his children just because the sun goes down every night doesn't mean it's going to come back up.

  • WACOMalt

    He should have installed DreamScene and put a video of him scramming and trying to get out instead. woulda been even more effective

  • Bubbubsky

    I guess the meanness of this depends on the age of the kid. If she's a teenager, or even 11 or 12, I could see this being funny. If she's still really little...then this is more on the "not cool" side of things.

  • Cy

    Wait, are you the one that stole Panama City Beach from me? I loved her man! Well, at least until Destin Florida walked by, that girl had legs for miles.

  • Elak Swindell

    Hilarious. Can't see a childing have a nightmare over the classic TRON though.

  • catallergy

    The mind can make almost anything scary. I loved the movie Gremlins as a kid, must have seen it over twenty times. I thought it was so funny. But one time I had a nightmare about the gremlins driving that bulldozer through my living room like they did to Mr. Futterman, and chasing me through the house with it. I woke up terrified. My parents thought it was hysterical. I still hate them btw.

  • Elak Swindell

    I guess it comes down to how your parents raise you. My mother taught me at an early age to stand up to my fears in dreams. To turn and face them, stare them down or fight them off. Now, I don't put up with anything negative in my dreamscapes. In the past, if someone or something tried to chase or frighten me. they got it back ten fold. LOL. One time, a ghost in a school house frightened me enough to wake myself out of the dream temporarily. I immediately went back to sleep, returned to the location, turned it to stone and then threw it into a nearby active volcano. LOL. That's one of the things I've learned how to do is being able to recall a dream and return to it. Nowadays, though, any negative individual or creature that tries something against me in a dreamscape gets turned positive with a blast of powerful balancing energy. I prefer that instead of destroying them. :)

  • OverlyCritical

    When someone tells a story, and you respond, "I can't relate," and someone else responds, "I can here's how," the correct response is not, "I guess I'm just better than that and here's why."

  • Elak Swindell

    No wonder you go by the name "OverlyCritical". Did I say I was better than that? No, I just said my mother raised me differently in how to combat dream predators. That doesn't make me better, just stronger in my own way. However one raises their kids in understanding the ways of standing up to their inner nightmares, that's there own business, but it does help to guide them in that department instead of, in the case of Catallergy, finding it funny and not assisting them with their emotional unbalance over the nightmare.

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