Pretty!: The Crystal Mirror-Abdomened Spider

August 12, 2013


Meet the Mirror Spider, a spider with shiny guanine crystal patches on its back that give it the appearance of the broken glass mosaic you made in arts & crafts class. The shiny parts appear small when the spider is on the move but grow to cover the entire abdomen when at rest (or is it just contracting the non-mirrored parts?). The relatively unknown species was photographed by Nicky Bay, who traveled Singapore photo-documenting the arachnid life on the islands. And let me tell you -- there were some waaaaay scarier looking species, which I took the liberty of posting two of after the jump because, like a car accident, I know you can't help but look. You'll look, then you'll complain about looking even though I warned you. You're twisted like that.

Hit the jump for a bird dung crab spider and ogre-faced spider (which has front-facing eyes and throws a web net onto prey to trap it), but check out Nicky's blog for F***ING TONS of other spiders and insects of Singapore.




Thanks to Lila, who is really into spiders and insects and gets upset if you talk about smashing them with your bare hands.

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