Pleygo, A Netflix-Style Rental Service For LEGO Sets

August 9, 2013


Damn dad, calm down -- it's just a minifig.

Pleygo is a LEGO rental service that works just like Netflix. You rent a set, and when you return it, they send you the next set on your queue. If you thought it worked like Netflix streaming you are a dummy. They have three plans: Fan (up to 250-piece sets), Super Fan (up to 500-piece sets) and Mega Fan (up to 5,400-piece sets). I searched their inventory and they do have the giant Millennium Falcon, Imperial Shuttle, Super Star Destroyer and Death Star sets available, so that's pretty cool. I mean, pretty cool if you've just wanted to build those and not own them. Sets are sanitized between rentals so you don't have to worry about boogers, and Pleygo claims they won't charge you if you lose a few pieces, which is great news if you accidentally swallow a couple bricks. If you purposefully swallow a couple bricks, well, welcome to the club. One time I peed a minifig head and cracked the toilet bowl. That never happened. It was a urinal and the guy peeing next to me thought he'd been shot.

Thanks to RayleighJean and Mapley L. W., who agree they should make a similar service for taxidermy animal heads.

  • Jordan Nass

    The Geekologie writer needs to check the site again. They have the current Millennium Falcon, but not the giant one that came out in 2007.

  • Christopher Malone

    This has to be the dumbest idea ever!

  • catallergy

    I hope all the legos get washed by the company when they are returned. That's just a breeding ground for cooties waiting to happen.

  • khemical

    I don't get it. The family is obviously playing dominos. Where is Daisy with her photochop rant?? There is no real LEGO action here!

  • RGB

    Lego - tick, Legos - fail. Why does America have to make up words and pronunciations for words of other origin, Nokia and Nikon being another example, if you created it, call it what the fuck you like, till then, stop it.

  • JB

    To be 100% correct it is LEGO (all caps). The general public (Americans included) refer to the bricks as "Lego" or "Legos" in the ever-evolving English language.

  • David Gabel

    or skip the cost and be the creepy person that visits preschool kids and play with their legos and enjoy all of the same features of missing blocks, chewed on pieces and the like.. or maybe just buy a few sets and build whatever you want and keep it because it's your stuff instead of renting them..

  • Stephanie Stephens

    $15 to $39 a month that you could be spending on Lego Sets you CAN KEEP! OMG what an awesome idea! Buying something and actually keeping it! My mind is blown. Or Hey you can spend less on a bucket of blocks and the kids can figure out how to build their own design with IMAGINATION! WTF! You mean you can build anything you want without instructions?!?! Or you can do a world of good and save tons of cash if you spent $5 -$10 a month on toys that you DONATE to kids who are not spoiled enough to get bored with their toys so fast they have to rent them. Then your kids will learn something valuable, how to give back to those who have less. Seriously!

  • Hey there, Butthurt Betty. Ever think this service could be great for adults who love building but don't have the money to keep buying new sets, or the spare room to store/display them all?

    $35 a month to have a chance to build a $300 set of 5,000+ pieces sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.

  • khemical

    Exactly what I was thinking. Death Star, here I come!

  • This seems like the wrong drunk idea that someone mistakenly tried to follow though on.

  • Tyler AitchKay

    What the fuck

  • Oscar Carrera

    $15/month for legos?? Buy them a bucket of legos and call it a day that was awesome for me when I was kid. They even have star wars buckets now

  • WhiteEagle2

    I might have to go get a Star Wars bucket for my sel-- errr, my kids... That I don't have yet...

  • WhiteEagle2

    I would NOT want the job of the guy responsible for disassembling the Legos and making sure all the pieces are there.

  • This is incredibly stupid....

  • Ray O.

    Something we can agree on.

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