Pleygo, A Netflix-Style Rental Service For LEGO Sets

August 9, 2013


Damn dad, calm down -- it's just a minifig.

Pleygo is a LEGO rental service that works just like Netflix. You rent a set, and when you return it, they send you the next set on your queue. If you thought it worked like Netflix streaming you are a dummy. They have three plans: Fan (up to 250-piece sets), Super Fan (up to 500-piece sets) and Mega Fan (up to 5,400-piece sets). I searched their inventory and they do have the giant Millennium Falcon, Imperial Shuttle, Super Star Destroyer and Death Star sets available, so that's pretty cool. I mean, pretty cool if you've just wanted to build those and not own them. Sets are sanitized between rentals so you don't have to worry about boogers, and Pleygo claims they won't charge you if you lose a few pieces, which is great news if you accidentally swallow a couple bricks. If you purposefully swallow a couple bricks, well, welcome to the club. One time I peed a minifig head and cracked the toilet bowl. That never happened. It was a urinal and the guy peeing next to me thought he'd been shot.

Thanks to RayleighJean and Mapley L. W., who agree they should make a similar service for taxidermy animal heads.

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