P0rnhub Releases Most Popular Search Terms Per State

August 27, 2013


This is the United States of P0rnhub searches (previously: P0rnMD's data, including different countries). It shows the most popular search term from each state according to the streaming site's data (links to all the data including the top three search terms per state). As you can see, the south loves ebony videos, Kentucky loves hentai, New England likes to watch 50 handjobs in a row really fast, and Utah doesn't search for p0rn at all. There are also some charts and graphs associated with the average amount of time spent on the site, with Mississippi at the top of the list averaging almost 12-minutes per visit, and Rhode Island at the bottom with just under 10-minutes. Does that also mean men from Rhode Island are quicker lovers? One blogger says yes. And that blogger isn't me, so don't come complaining if you're some Rhode Islander with something to prove. "Whatever, I can last all night." That's not natural bro, I'd talk to your doctor.

Thanks to Adam L, who's almost as upset as I am that 'chicks shooting guns on motorcycles' didn't make this list.

  • lol Then ebony hentai must be the optimal porn

  • lol What then about ebony hentai???
    Regards Knut Holt

  • tayatayat

    there must be some kind of massive obsession with food fetishes in a lot of the states......

  • GirlFromSpace

    As someone representing Ohio here, can I just say : DP...that's alllll I search for.

  • Thinking of the porn searches in the next 50 years --Dinobot anyone? ;)

  • RAPR

    Who would have thought that 'Ebony' would have beat out 'Cousin' and 'Sister' for first place in Alabama

  • Theodora Holloway

    That's what I said!!!! WTH is up with that?!?!?!

  • Iknowyou

    I just finished watching a documentary on Paedophilia and Paedophiles who have done time and stuff like. Pretty much all the comments were from people expressing their hate for paedophiles calling them the scum of the earth, then I came across the blog article thing, visited the websites with all these porn numbers and discovered that the most searched porn titles in the world are Japanese, Teen, Asian and Hentai. what does these four titles have in common? *ding ding ding ding* you guess it, they all have a tendency of resembling children. Guess that says a lot doesn't it.

  • asdfasdfasdfadsf

    no lesbian? what

  • Guest

    no lesbians?

  • Greg

    Am I the only one who was absolutely amazed that Kentucky's number 1 search was hentai?!

    How is that possible??
    That means more people there like hand drawn fake shit than seeing actual people do it.

  • Theodora Holloway

    My guess is that hentai tends to lean towards child like animation without it being illegal kiddie porn?

  • Cunt Face!

    Surprised incest is not featured much higher. Mum doing sons. Dads doing daughters. Brothers doing sisters. Brothers, sisters, mums and dads all doing each other. Twin sisters sucking each other. Sibling camming togther. Sisters sucking off brothers. All exciting stuff.

  • Hock Seng

    >No Indian

    Truly I am alone

  • tayatayat

    feather or dot?

  • Hock Seng


  • heyyyy

    WHAT'S CREAMPIE?? I like double penetration interracial furry granny schoolgirls from japan, with middle eastern hints of a foot fetish that results from german whatzitzplugs. thats how we do in colorado.

  • Brandon

    The most popular search term in the US, apparently. If you're curious what it is, why not do a search?

  • heyyyy

    Whats a search?

  • Azariel_z

    is like most of the search are done by 15-18 yrs old...

  • David Gabel

    it is

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