Not Death!: Lord Of The Rings Characters As Tarot Cards

August 23, 2013


This is a series of digital paintings by Russian artist SceithAilm imagining the Lord of the Rings characters as tarot cards. She did a really amazing job with all of them. You ever had a tarot card reading performed before? I haven't, but I've always wanted to. Of course a buddy of mine went to a fortune teller recently and she was like, "I sense you're having girlfriend problems" and he was all, "No shit lady, I'm gay." That's why I don't trust them. I'm not saying there isn't something there, I'm just saying...actually, yeah, I guess I am saying it's a sham. Now palm reading -- that's the real magic shit.

Hit the jump for thirteen more.














Thanks to le beeps and Biacula, who both want crystal balls so they can pretend to see the future when their friends come over and tell them a whole bunch of terrible lies.

  • Rocky Pierce

    Put this up on Kickstarter and make this a reality. I need these.

  • Frodaddyg

    I don't recall Nic Cage playing Aragorn in the movies. May be time to rewatch them.

  • baal

    Why are all the faces on the cards giving me a 'come hither' look?

  • McGarnagle

    Can I get the hanged man on a body pillow?

  • Fercho

    You know? One of the best sequences of the whole LOTR trilogy was precisely the She-Lob part. Since the horsemen came out, hobbits going upstairs, Frodo being wrapped into the spider web until she's beaten by Sam... All of that is shine bright! I see that "Hanged Man" here as the best picture IMO.

  • E\m/ily


  • Bubbubsky

    Gimli's axes are MUCH better than the movie version. (Of course, Gimli was cheap comedy relief for the most part in the movies)

  • Aniroc

    These are beautifully done, can't help but notice that Arwen has a really large right hand though.

  • Dyrge

    There already exists Lord of the Rings tarot decks. I actually have a deck. However, I do have to say, I like the artwork on these cards better I would love to see the rest of the deck. As for your headline, that is a common misconception. The Death card doesn't actually represent death. It means a great change.

    As for tarot reading, depending on where you go, it could be real or a sham. Most of your road side fortune tellers who charge for their services are a sham. If you want a real reading, hang out at your local Pagan shop and find someone willing to give you a reading for free. Those tend to be more accurate.

  • Kyle Chapman

    Or you could stop justifying that a free version is a correct version of a completely superstitious act.

  • ChrisBailey

    If you want to work at your home and make some money then you have to read this... Seemore--------------------...

    I like this deck, the little captions at the bottom of the cards give subtle meanings to the cards meaning. I've used it for divination purposes with very good accuracy. The illustrations are beautiful, and they also give clues to the meaning of the card.

  • BeastmanAIDS

    Seems rather fitting that a comment suggesting Tarot Card reading is legit is followed up by Spam.

  • E\m/ily

    Thoroughly beautiful and seems true to the original mystic qualities. I wonder if learning Tarot cards is worth my time though...? Probably not better just make a wallpaper

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