Neil DeGrasse Tyson COSMOS Reboot Has A Trailer

August 2, 2013


If you haven't already seen it, this is the official trailer for the 13-part Cosmos miniseries coming to Fox sometime in 2014. The first thirty-five seconds feature some outerspace renderings and Carl Sagan's soothing voice, followed by two minutes of f***ing loud explosions, a bunch of shots from earth (including way too many babies and a wolf fight), and Neil DeGrasse Tyson putting his sunglasses on like he's auditioning for Men In Black 4. I WATCHED IT THRICE. "Do you even know what thrice means?" Hopefully it means I just skipped around.

Hit the jump and get your outerspace on, it really is worth a watch. Also, did they purposefully make Tyson's spaceship look like Boba Fett's?

Thanks to Chris B, who loves outerspace and told me without outerspace none of us would even be here and that blew my mind because, like, I'm not very smart at all.

  • Kaity

    While I'm excited for the show and I'm sure it will be good, that felt like a Sci Fi show trailer. Not something about science. I guess if it gets more people watching and interested...

  • Bubbubsky

    I am no Seth McFarlane fan....but I do give him credit for reviving and spearheading this.
    I hate the direction too much of this country is going in with its complete disregard and contempt for science.

  • just says 'this video is private' when I try to play it.

  • Elvis Vegas

    Here's another link to the promo (from FOX Brodcasting).

  • JJtoob

    I'm a pretentious prick who thinks at least the trailer could have been done better lol.

  • vadersapp

    That is some cinematic amazingness right there.

  • John_Drake


  • Jandkas

    To be honest, I like this version, but apparently it is too good for you pretentious pricks.

  • Tyler AitchKay

    I refuse to watch anything McFarlane puts his grubby, unfunny hands on and I certainly won't start now. What's with all this spaceship bullshit?

    Can't we just have DeGrasse Tyson talking? Guess that's too "boring"

  • ShartInYourJacuzzi

    There was a spaceship in the original piloted by Sagan.

  • John_Drake

    Didn't realize McFarlane produced. Oh well, I'll just pretend he's not involved. He doesn't appear in it, does he?!?

  • Alexander0178

    Sad to say it looks like shit. Typical action driven, sensationalist, special effects-fest. So american it hurts.

    God I wish BBC was the ones behind this. I'm sorry america, but you make shitty edutainment.

  • 18wheelsofawesome

    Yeah, because you know Modern Marvels isn't the largest collection of media regarding edutainment. And it certainly hasn't held that title since the late 90' less...But hell just to make it up to you, we will make sure a British accent is used next time we're on the moon. Happy?

  • Isaac King

    You know that a show means business when its trailer has 8 seconds of silence while showing a black screen. I was on the edge of my seat...

  • kind of a poor trailer for what i'm sure is an amazing programme. Felt like it should it build up a bit.

  • JDizzle

    I am so excited about this I almost cried. Mr Sagan would be proud. We miss you big guy.

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