Name Him Googly Eyes: Baby Nautilus Born At Aquarium

August 22, 2013


This is the baby nautilus that was successfully hatched at the Birch Aquarium at Scripps in San Diego, California. Apparently captive bred nautilus babies are rare because nautiluses are weird and aren't always willing to bone with humans watching. Me? I would perform great at a zoo. *banging on glass* Hey zookeeper, how many babies have I and the missus made so far? "You do realize you've been mating with a blow-up doll, right?" WHAT? I just thought she was an introvert.

This little guy or gal was a long time in the making. The egg was laid in early November of 2012 and the hatching process has taken weeks... all leading up to last Wednesday, when it finally emerged! So far, the hatchling appears to be doing well. However, raising a baby Nautilus is both an honor and challenge because only a handful of aquariums have had the opportunity.

Even rarer than captive bred nautilus babies is being able to raise one to adulthood, so fingers crossed this little guy makes it. I actually considered raising seahorses a while back but the daily care and commitment prevented me. Plus like, I get my electricity turned off a lot and apparently you have to keep the tank chilled. No seahorse deserves to be raised by some jackass who has to walk to the beer store for bags of ice because he spent all his bill money on booze and lotto scratchers. Think before you get a pet, that's the real message here.

This message brought to you by pets who deserve better owners and the Ad Council.

Thanks to Clint, who told me he has a nautilus shell on display on his bookshelf. What, am I supposed to be impressed or something? Because I am, now I want one.

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