Mother Nature!: Scientists Catch A Shark Within A Shark

August 14, 2013


This is a shot of the 3-foot spiny dogfish shark that scientists were in the process of reeling in when it was swallowed by a much larger sand tiger shark. What the hell, Mother Nature? "It's the circle of life, bro." Don't call me bro, I'm not your bro -- you know you've been pulling a lot of f***ed up shit lately.

The researchers had captured a shark within a shark, which prompted pro bass angler Aaron Martens to comment: "There's gotta be some kind of 'turducken' label for this kind of situation."

The sand tiger in the photo looks to have lost a couple of front teeth during its attack on the dogfish and/or its capture (and release) by scientists.

If you could be any kind of shark what kind of shark would you be? Because I would be a pool shark. I think it's a smart decision because I'm fairly used to being human and I don't really wanna have to go live in the ocean and make new friends and all that. I could just go about my regular life but with the BONUS of being able to hustle people at the bar for free drinks. I'm a smart decision maker. *goes to sketchy p0rn site, ignores virus warning, DIES*

Thanks to Thel200ster, who catches sharks the old fashioned way: with one well-placed blow to the nose (anybody who can identify the reference that isn't my brother wins a prize).

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