Mine Broke When I Threw It: Realistic Pokeball Replicas

August 14, 2013


These are the $100 - $150 Pokeball replicas for sale by PTX. Each model has a light-up effect around the ring button and comes in either a show (clean) or battle (worn/cracked) finish. They currently have classic, premier and ultra balls available, with luxury, master and miniature versions coming soon. So like, are you gonna catch 'em all or what? Honestly, I doubt I'll be catching any. But I will be catching fireflies tonight THEN SMASHING THEM ON MY FACE LIKE GLOW-IN-THE-DARK WAR PAINT. I'm joking, and I feel bad for doing that when I was a kid.

Hit the jump for the other two currently available.



Thanks to Senne, who rolled one at a cat but failed to capture it.

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