Lady Captures Truck Launching Off Bridge In Vine Video

August 20, 2013


Note: Truck driver was conscious and talking to police after the crash, although he is being treated for serious injuries, he should be fine. Also, this is just a screencap, the video is below.

This is a video from Vine user Alex Stack. It would have just been another in the millions of shitty vine videos out there, except in Alex's 8-seconds a truck just so happened to miss the bridge and launch into the wild blue yonder before plummeting to the creek below. You know, launching my car off a bridge has always been one of my biggest fears. Unless I'm really depressed, then it's just something I daydream about. Jesus, take the wheel! "No can do, GW." I'm serious, put down the Big Gulp and taquitos and steer for me! "But I love earth food."

Hit the jump for the Vine video and a shot of the aftermath.


Thanks to lilco, who's convinced somebody reaaaaaally didn't want to cut the grass today.

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