Kyoto University Installs 'Forever Alone' Cafeteria Seating

August 9, 2013


Because some people can't stand the company of others, Kyoto University in Japan has installed bocchi ("alone") seating in one of its cafeterias so you don't feel obligated to talk to the people sitting at a larger table. Of course you could always sit at my table, and we don't even have to talk to each other, just stare each other dead in the eyes and play the vagina game (where you take turns saying vagina louder and louder until the other person is too afraid to go again). PROTIP: Always yell it as loud as you can on your second turn. The other kids will think we're so cool!

According to Asahi News, Kyoto University first installed the "lonely seats" last spring at its engineering school campus while it was refurbishing the dining hall. The university special ordered ten dining tables with 50-centimeter dividers in the middle.

"If you are sitting at a big table by yourself it's like you don't have any friends and that is embarrassing," said one 22 year-old male student. "When I don't have much time or I'm in a hurry, the lonely seats are convenient," said a 22 year-old female student.

I like how the partition doesn't go all the way down to the table, that makes it perfect for stealing desserts. And -- AND -- passing love notes. 'From what I can tell from just your hands, you seem really pretty. I was wondering if were gonna finish that corn dog or if I could have it.'

Thanks to Erin, who agrees they should just go ahead and put walls on both sides too and make it a cubicle.

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