Insanely Accurate Bic Pen Drawing Of Stephen Hawking

August 9, 2013


This is an ultra realistic picture of Stephen Hawking drawn entirely in black Bic pen by my buddy Jesse Starr (of Bic pen Christopher Walken, Optimus Prime and that time-lapse painting he did of me riding a t-rex battling a volcano fame). It took Jesse 51-hours to complete and he's selling the original on eBay with 100% of the proceeds going to his cousin, who's battling colon cancer, and not to Jesse buying a shit-ton of KFC boneless chicken wings and seeing how many he can fit into his mouth at once like I would have expected him to do. He might just be a decent guy after all.

Hit the jump for several more shots including the source photo he used.





eBay Auction

Thanks Jesse, and good luck and Godspeed to your cousin.

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