August 12, 2013


So today is my birthday (I'm nearly 600) and I'm gonna cut out of here early so I can go enjoy the day (but ultimately wind up lost in my own mind trying to figure out where everything went wrong). I'll be back sometime tomorrow, well rested and ready to write. Or bleary eyed and wishing I could just lay in the shower for the day. This is a picture of me on the old homestead. I built that building in the rear with my own two hands. I'm lying, but you can't argue with me because today is MY DAY. I think I'm gonna go to the beach and see how far I can swim out into the ocean with a stomach full of hotdogs. If I'm not back tomorrow notify the Coast Guard that sharks like the taste of hotdogs. I still can't believe I even survived the last year, maybe God has a plan for me after all. Is that true, God? *booming voice* "Huh? Oh, uh, yeah -- of course I do." Very reassuring. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, SEE YOU ALL TOMORROW UNLESS GOD'S PLAN WAS ACTUALLY SHARK FOOD.

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