August 12, 2013


So today is my birthday (I'm nearly 600) and I'm gonna cut out of here early so I can go enjoy the day (but ultimately wind up lost in my own mind trying to figure out where everything went wrong). I'll be back sometime tomorrow, well rested and ready to write. Or bleary eyed and wishing I could just lay in the shower for the day. This is a picture of me on the old homestead. I built that building in the rear with my own two hands. I'm lying, but you can't argue with me because today is MY DAY. I think I'm gonna go to the beach and see how far I can swim out into the ocean with a stomach full of hotdogs. If I'm not back tomorrow notify the Coast Guard that sharks like the taste of hotdogs. I still can't believe I even survived the last year, maybe God has a plan for me after all. Is that true, God? *booming voice* "Huh? Oh, uh, yeah -- of course I do." Very reassuring. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, SEE YOU ALL TOMORROW UNLESS GOD'S PLAN WAS ACTUALLY SHARK FOOD.

  • William Clifford

    hold up a second that's the Cistern at College of Charleston, forget your birthday, tell me you live near Charleston Mr. Geekologie writer, and I will personally buy you all of the alcohol you can consume.

  • Conner Chilton

    Have read your blog all this time and never realized you were a fellow Cougar! How long ago were in Charleston?

  • Rolf Peinke

    happy birthday my man, also never commented cause I'm a predominant member of the league of shadows. Thanks for all the laughs, much love from south africa

  • Scottman

    The wizardry explains why you are floating in the pic.
    Happy belated.

  • Hope you had a great bidet.

  • eischen101

    I HONESTLY have checked this site EVERYDAY for the last few years. lol Why? idk? lol b/c all the funny shit you say? Meh. Happy Late Birthday. I really do enjoy this website.

    (Wow, Didn't know I had an account here. lol)

  • James Hall

    Happy Birthday GW! Good luck braving the sharknato with a stomach full of hotdogs

  • TheCheapGamer

    Of course the one day I'm out you would have a birthday.
    Hope you enjoyed it though, as well as the rest of your birthday week. (I have birthday years)

  • Mario Rosales

    happy birfday GW, its been a lonng year, but you made it buddy!

  • We have the same birthday! Hope you had a good one, GW!

  • Andrew

    Wait... He posted this yesterday and there have been no posts today. CALL THE COAST GUARD!!!

  • rikster81

    Happy Birthday GW!!

  • RussianDroid

    How pathetic am I that I always look forward to reading your articles as soon as I get to work? You entertained me for years so thank you GW and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • Andyman7714

    Happy B-day, GW. Consider this a validation!

  • ED1BLE

    Happy Birthday brah, I always enjoy your w̶i̶t̶t̶y̶ ridiculous sense of humor and the way you write.

  • Federico

    I lost track of how long I've been following Geekologie, but hey man take some rest and enjoy your day!

    Happy Birthday.

  • Daelph

    Happy birthday Geekologie writer. You are a hero to all in the greater Blacksburg area. You have proven to us that you can escape and do something meaningful. I wish you great tidings on your annual celebration.

    Live Long and Prosper.

  • Christian Lemus

    Happy b'day bud! All the badasses were born in august.

  • smilingpockets

    Happy Birthday GW! Have a blast.

  • John L

    happy birthday geek

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