I'd Go To Somebody Else For The Cover Up: LOTR One Ring Inscription Tattoo Gets Inked Upside-Down

August 20, 2013


Pedro from Brazil sent me this picture of his friend Aguirre's One Ring inscription tattoo. Pretty cool, right? Yeah, except for the tattoo artist inked it upside-down and apparently everybody failed to notice until the whole piece was complete. How does that even happen? Now what should read "One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them" now reads "Sauron sniffing Orc balls, they don't seem to mind, Orc sex in the woods, watch and you'll go blind." Or at least I think that's what it says.

Thanks Pedro, and tell your buddy he should get a cover-up of this article.

  • Luiz Filipi Cardozo

    OMG! It's upside down!

  • Steve Taylor

    I usually find your writing funny GW. But this: "Sauron sniffing Orc balls, they don't seem to mind, Orc sex in the woods, watch and you'll go blind." really got me. Good way to start my day.

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    In all honesty, there would be about 4 people who would have realized it was upside down just by looking at it.

  • Pedro Guerra

    It took me about 2 secs to tell him it was upside down. He posted the pic on facebook, i looked at it and just knew something was wrong. I agree with you that only a few people would notice right away, but i think any real fan could do it (and there are plenty of ringers in the world).

  • ODwanKenObi

    and elves!

  • Denis Bowman

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    You shall not pass!!!!!!! I wonder did he had to put his arm in fire so the old elvish language appear on his arm

  • EchinsuOcha

    This is disgraceful. In no universe would this fella's namesake, The Wrath of God, have stood idly by for a disgrace such as this.

  • ODwanKenObi

    its not upside down if he raises his arm in victory after a boxing match... ya its upside down. what a doofus.

  • squeech

    Picture may be upside down. Tattoo isn't necessarily.

  • Its not upside down for the guy who got it. When he's looking at it its right side up so yeah, there's that.

  • Alexander Schultz

    That's considered incorrect for tattoos. Tattoos always are supposed to appear right-side-up to another person. On that note, a good way to spot hipster douchebags is by their shitty up-side-down arm tattoos

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