'Hobbit House' Being Demolished Due To Lack Of Permits

August 6, 2013


You see this house? British couple Charlie Hague and Megan Williams built it with their own four hands. And now it's set to be demolished because they didn't bother getting any permits for the thing. Also, because the building "harms the character and appearance of the countryside", which I think we can all agree is complete bullshit because Hobbit houses are like the textbook definition of the character and appearance of the countryside.

The pair acknowledged their property was built without prior consent but said there was no other way for them to afford their own home.

Locals nicknamed it the hobbit home but most people did not even know it was there because it is so secluded.

The couple's appeal was dismissed by planning inspector Iwan Lloyd, who ruled the development harmed the character and appearance of the countryside.

The inspector upheld the council's enforcement notice, which requires the roundhouse and all associated work, including the timber decking, be demolished.

I'm guessing that somebody with a friend on the council happens to own a neighboring home with windows that face the Hobbit house and they just obsess about seeing it gone. First, they put up curtains, but that wasn't enough. Curtains only blocked the house from view, not from EXISTENCE. I imagine they were *this close* to burning the house down themselves before deciding to take the legal route.

Hit the jump for a couple shots of the soon-to-be-nonexistent interior.





Thanks to PYY, who wants to live in a treehouse. OMG, SAAAAAAAAME. SAME SAME SAME SAME SAME.

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