'Goodbye, My Brothers': Ultra Sad Ninja Turtle Fan Art

August 12, 2013


This is 'Goodbye, my brothers', a series of super sad Ninja Turtle fan art by Joao Pires. And not super sad like they look like they were drawn by a preschooler, super sad like, crying sad. Each depicts one of the turtles mourning the loss of his brothers. Which, personally, I don't even want to think about. But if one had to go I definitely wouldn't miss Donatello as much as the others.

Hit the jump for the other three.




Thanks to T.J. O, who doesn't always weep, but when he does he weeps manly tears exclusively.

  • Michael

    It looks like Leo went down fighting for his brothers, Raph went berserk and killed who was responsible but still feels empty, Donnie was the survivor of his brothers fighting, and Mikey was forced to run as fast as he could.

  • AshesToDust

    The Michelangelo picture looks excellent for a screenshot from a film. Failure, and frustration. I always wanted a darker, more serious ninja turtles film similar to the first film from 1990, but slightly darker in tone. We see the turtles get hurt, injured, and they do recover, but we get to see how each of the turtles gets effected by their brother(s) being injured/in pain. We saw some of it in the first turtle film, where Raph is in the tub and Leo watches over him, but I want to see more of that. I know there's an audience for it. It wouldn't make as much money as the kid-friendly PG ones, since it was be rated PG-13 (although nearing R). I love all the artwork.

  • ironbreath

    You want darker and grittier? Go pick up some of their comics, look for the ones in black and white. The original turtle comics were more like what you're describing. And you know, nerd-gasm.

  • Steve Taylor

    You know what? No, just a thousand times, NO! Forget at the artistic imagery and feelings. it's just plain wrong for any Fan to want to see the Turtles fail. For shame.

  • Danderlion

    I partly agree with DrZanz. The headbands on Leonardo's and Donatello's images does give a very dark and bleak picture. Michelangelo looks like he has given up and Raphael... well he looks like the calm before the storm. I think his picture would have maybe looked more dramatic an hour or two down the fictional timeline.

  • Conrado Parra

    I like Turtles

  • JoshLRussell

    You're wrong. Donatello was one of the coolest. Because he had a staff. He may have had a personality as well; I can't really remember.

  • Seth Callahan

    Donatello does machines. That's a fact, Jack.

  • Anodos

    He does them well

  • Luis

    Its more depressing for leo because he is the leader and let all this happen,
    it has a more sadness and more touching effect because he is the leading turtle.

  • JJtoob

    Well, aren't we emo today.

  • DrZanz

    I think the collection of the headbands in Donatello and Leonardo's pics makes for a more effective image. Raphael just looks like he went crazy and Michelangelo looks like he has been running a lot and needs a rest.

  • I agree. The ones with Leonardo and Donatello are stronger.

  • Rose

    I like them all

  • Happy birthday GW. Watch out for the cake though: http://cocoalikesthis.com/2...

  • grimbldoo

    Michelangelo and Raphael are too lazy to get their brothers' headbands.

  • Rose

    no they just are too sad too look at it again,

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