Go Go Go Go!: Time Lapse Of Snails Wearing LEDs

August 26, 2013


This is a news report from the BBC about scientists tracking snail movement using LEDs taped to their shells. The scientists discovered snails were able to move, on average, about one meter an hour, which I feel like is information we probably already knew. I suspect there was goverment grant money involved.

They were also able to see how many of them followed the slime trails of other snails, saving energy in the process.

The discovery was part of a study into how snails spread parasites that can be fatal to dogs.

So are the snails purposefully following the slime trails of other snails to save energy? Or -- OR -- are they following the slime trails of other snails because they smelled good and are hoping to mate? Remember: never underestimate the freaky deakiness of Mother Nature. That woman rocks rubber bed sheets.

Hit the jump for the video.

Thanks to James C, who agrees we should all tape LEDs to the snails in our yards for cheap nighttime entertainment.

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