For The Ladies: Do It Yourself Game Of Thrones Hairstyles

August 27, 2013


I apologize for the poor quality pictures but I didn't make them so it's really not my fault I'm just taking the blame because I have BROAD SHOULDERS and could carry the whole world on them provided it was the size and weight of a beach ball. This is a small series of five different Game of Thrones character hairstyles that you ladies can try yourself at home. They all look like variations of the same thing though -- make some braids, tie them together. You know what hairstyle I wish women would bring back? Pigtails. Those are cool. "Those are for six-year olds." AND THOSE JELLY SHOES. I was always so jealous they didn't make them for boys.

Hit the jump for the other four.





Thanks to Briana, who tried to do the Sersei Lannister one but then opted for a hat instead.

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