Finally, Some Decent Unicorn Horns For Your Horses

August 1, 2013


Own a horse? Me neither. But if I did you can bet your sweet ass I'd be riding that sucker in full knight's armor and rescuing damsels in distress. Oooooor getting kicked out of the bar for trying to ride him in there. I TOLD YOU, HE'S A COMPANION ANIMAL. These are the unicorn horns made by Etsy seller Rustic Horseshoe. They attach to a horse's bridle and make them look like a unicorn. And unicorns, I think we can all agree, are way cooler than horses. Donkeys? Donkeys are the worst, but only because the one my parents hired for my birthday party ate the cake and shit on my present pile.

Hit the jump in case you were wondering if they come in gold and pink and multi-colored (they do -- they f***ing do!!1).





Thanks to lilco, who wants a pony. Me too, big time.

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