Finally, A Decent Ramen Noodle Bunned Hamburger

August 6, 2013


This is the Ramen Burger. It's a hamburger with Ramen noodle patties for buns. Plus it comes with a 'secret sauce'. Why's it have to be secret? Personally, I don't like secrets when it comes to putting things in my mouth. Surprise, it's a penis! Calling cafeteria food mystery meat didn't make it taste any better. Man, I miss that school cafeteria pizza though. Like, to the point where I tried to track down the food distributor FROM WHEN I WENT TO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL IN ALABAMA. I'm sick. No I'm not, I just miss that pizza. Each piece was the shape of a little stop sign. Or maybe they only had six sides, I forget. That was many moons ago and a lot has happened between now and then. Jk jk, I think I just wrote over that part of my memory with dinosaur facts and TV jingles.

Thanks to Lydia, who's been looking for a burger with 100% of her recommended daily allowance of sodium. And to my pal Terry, who would no doubt double-fist Ramen burgers, leaving him vulnerable to attack.

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