Eat It, Biff!: Texting Driver Crashes Into Manure Truck

August 23, 2013


In case you didn't need another reason to not text and drive, a man in Wisconsin crashed into a manure truck while "finishing texting and talking on his phone." Well damn, multitasker! Where'd you learn how to talk and text and crash all at the same time?

The Sheriff's Department said Matthew Bruhn, 37, was driving a Ford Mustang convertible that he rented from Avis.

The driver of the tractor was not seriously hurt. Bruhn was treated for a broken finger.

Did I mention the truck was carrying LIQUID manure. That's like, the worst kind as far as I'm concerned. And I am VERY concerned. Unfortunately, dude didn't actually break the holding tank and have it spill into his convertible like we'd all hoped. Now THAT -- that would have made for some solid anti-texing and driving billboards. Something like 'When you text and drive, shit happens. LIQUID SHIT. That's the worst kind. Eyes on the road.'

This message brought to you by D. Jones Manure Hauling.

Thanks to Ali and Pyrblaze, who never text and drive because they're always chauffeured. That's my dream world.

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