Drink Till It's Argon: Periodic Table Of Alcoholic Drinks

August 22, 2013


Note: Larger version HERE but you can find a full-res version right -- wait, where'd I put it? Ah, HERE IT IS.

This is the Periodic Table of Alcohol created by Brazilian designer Mayra Artes. It arranges alcoholic drinks "based on their primary liquors, groups and proofs." Just looking at it made me thirsty. I don't know about you, but I could really for a drink right now. "What's that in your hand?" A drink. "Sooooo?" I meant another one.

Thanks to LINK, who's shoutout I'm using to brag about how I've had drinks named after me at three different bars now. Better luck next time bro.

  • jpiteira

    i find the lack of absinthe disturbing

  • mani1234

    To see it i just flashback into my chemistry class.Very well done work the chart of alcoholic drinks..Check this one:-

  • Hydrogen and Helium, the most abundant elements, replaced with gin and tonic and some apple flavored shit called diesel? Do you even cocktail, bro?

  • Guest

    As usual: actual hires (and non ripped off version) here:


  • gabscer

    No Old Fashioned, What a sham!

  • Greg

    This shit is so old...Can't believe you're actually posting it.

    Spencers used to sell these things back in the 90's and they included exactly how to mix them.

    I wouldn't be surprised if these were made even farther back.

  • dwightatkins

    4-8 нoυrѕ of oɴlιɴe worĸ α day... Weeĸly payмeɴтѕ... Boɴυѕeѕ... $6ĸ-$12ĸ
    α мoɴтн... oɴly α coмpυтer, вαѕιc ĸɴowledɢe of ιɴтerɴeт αɴd relιαble
    coɴɴectιoɴ ɴeeded...

    There's no plain beer, plain wine, or plain spirits. Am I missing something? Shouldn't the beer section have pale ale, stout, etc? Wine should have pinot, shiraz, etc.

  • tomwiener

    Fantastic design!

  • Guest

    Great design - until some dipshit decided to add his own title!!; in ARIAL!

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