Dino Pet, A Bioluminescent Algae Nightlight For Kids

August 22, 2013


This is Dino Pet, a plastic dinosaur shaped jar filled with a bioluminescent marine algae that will glow when agitated at night. You just leave the dino in indirect sunlight (or a low watt bulb) during the day, then shake the hell out of it at night for a ton of NIGHT TIME IS THE RIGHT TIME FUN. Dino Pets are currently a Kickstarter campaign but already funded so $40 guarantees one when they ship next April. They will also be selling nutrients for $10 that will keep your algae colony thriving for around 6 months, and additional algae to add in the event your kid puts the thing in the microwave and/or drink it. My kids? My kids would totally drink it because THEY LEARNED IT BY WATCHING ME. Kids are a product of their environments and I am basically a chemical waste dump. Of course I don't actually have any kids and probably never will on account of having faulty nuts. Those suckers are DRY. The last time I climaxed it looked like what you'd except to see if you beat two chalkboard erasers together.

Hit the jump for the Kickstarter video if you're still not sold.

Thanks to Rhubarb and Mungo9000, who aren't afraid of the dark and don't need nightlights but still bought one of these.

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