Depressing: Guy Makes His Own Hand Look Like A Lady's, Posts Fake Girlfriend Photos To Instagram

August 12, 2013


These are a series of shots from a dude who painted one of his hands to look like a lady's, then took selfies with the hand feeding him and squeezing his face like it actually belongs to a girlfriend. There is no girlfriend though, and I don't see that happening for awhile. Besides, if you don't have a girlfriend, why would you want people to THINK you have a girlfriend? You should let the ladies know you are AVAILABLE. Me? I'm unavailable emotionally, which is the same reason three of my last four girlfriends left me. The other one fell off her scooter and forgot who I was.

Hit the jump for more sadness.





Thanks to Florian, who agrees the other people in the restaurant seem surprisingly unperturbed by dude's behavior. Because I would have been freaking out yelling 'WTF IS GOING ON HERE?!'

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