Chinese Zoo Tries To Pass Off Dogs As Lion, Wolf, Leopard

August 15, 2013


These are several shots from the People's Park in Luohe, Henan province, China, of the dogs the park uses as permanent stand-ins for the exotic species they claim to keep. Their African Lion is actually a Tibetan mastiff (above), and their wolf and leopard displays are filled with other, unrecognizable dog breeds. And in the actual dog exhibit? A f***ing pig. I'm joking, but there might as well have been.

Mr Liu Suya, chief of the park's animal department, insisted the zoo did have a lion but it had been taken to a breeding facility.

As for the dog that was in its cage, Mr Liu said it belonged to a employee and had been put there 'for safety reasons.'

A spokesman for the zoo said: 'We're doing our best in tough economic times.

'If anyone is unhappy with our displays we will give back their money.'

If I'm unhappy with the displays I get my money back, huh? Well start counting those bills because I don't know if I could be any MORE unhappy with these displays. Not only with your crappy animal impersonators, but with the all around quality of the exhibits. Those enclosures aren't even suited for a traveling petting zoo. It would be less depressing for me to keep a tiger in my bedroom. Well, ANOTHER tiger. RAWR! *playfully lunges to end of bed on all fours, tumbles off into nightstand, dildos spill everywhere* What if I told you those were snakes? No? EXHIBIT'S CLOSED, NOTHING TO SEE HERE.

Hit the jump for the wolf and leopard displays.


Thanks PYY, Crazy Cooter, Zim and ChaosLex, who agree they should just turn the whole thing into a dog park and call it a day.

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