Boozing On The Sly: The Secret Hairbrush Flask

August 30, 2013


This is a 6-oz flask that looks like a hairbrush so you can sneak booze into clubs and sporting events and not have to pay $16 for a drink. I can see it now: *hands bag to security at baseball game* "Excuse me sir, but why do you have a hairbrush in here?" For brushing my hair, bro, why else? "But you're bald." What if I told you I just like the way it feels on my head? "It sounds like there's liquid in here." *snatches brush flask back, chugs it* YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE! *trips trying to jump turnstile, knocks myself out, wakes up in parking lot between two cars* Did I catch a ball?!

Hit the jump for one more shot(!!!1).


Thanks to Scott, who sneaks booze into events the old fashioned way: already in his belly. Classic!

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