Black Milk Clothing Releasing A Harry Potter Line

August 27, 2013


Black Milk Clothing has announced they're releasing a line of Harry Potter themed leggings, swimsuits, dresses and tops on Tuesday, September 10th, and has been posting sneak peek pics on their Facebook page. These are those sneak peeks. I want them all, and I'm not even a lady. Well, not that MUCH of a lady anyways. But definitely more of one than the woman next to me at the bar last night who wouldn't stop burping. Every single one sounded like a puke scare.

Hit the jump for a bunch more, then sit at your computer on September 3rd hitting refresh until the collection becomes available and you can be the first witch on your block to be rocking Ravenclaw leggings.















Thanks to lilco, who claims to know real magic, including love spells. *hearts for eyes* Wait, where am I and why do I have roses?

  • Luna Lovegood

    OMG LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kasual

    wow, just in time to catch the global harry potter craze... maybe we can get a teletubbies set next.

  • Frenchie

    this made me laugh loudly - thank you

  • jeffrey jakubowski

    fucking hipsters.

  • nuki

    ravenclaw's symbol is not a raven!

  • LondonBeckonsMe

    THANK YOU. I don't understand why self-proclaimed "Ravenclaws" go around buying this stuff! If you're okay with wearing a raven as your mascot, you don't deserve to be a Ravenclaw.

  • GreyGanado

    Let me guess, it's a raven claw?

  • jrose

    I just hope these girls managed to go out for a nice stiff drink after this photo shoot, because this is awful.

  • Forblat

    Accio cheeseburger

  • EllisJ16 .

    Wtf, is wrong with these models. It's like they don't know how to pose to make clothes look good. I mean, sure the white background doesn't help, but they don't look into it.

  • Carissa Lynn van Raak

    I love Black Milk's clothing.. I'm just not willing to fork out $150.00 for a pair of leggings. If I were to purchase a pair of these though I would buy the Slytherin ones <3 :)

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