Are You Gonna Eat That?: An App For Sharing Leftovers

August 29, 2013


Free to a good home: Salad remnants -- a little lettuce, four cherry tomatoes (all unpierced!), four olives, one partial crouton, grated cheese and ranch. Sorry, but I ate all the crackers.

Leftoverswap is an app in development designed to connect people with leftovers with people who want to eat other people's leftovers. You know, it's a shame more homeless people don't have cell phones. Now that I think about it, It's also a shame more homeless people don't have homes. Deep thoughts.

Here's how it works: If you're a giver, simply take a picture of your leftovers, name it and upload it to the app. If you're a taker, browse the leftovers near you and arrange for a pickup or delivery.

The LeftoverSwap website points out food waste problems, and claims 40% of the food we produce goes to waste, 70% of us are overweight and that 99% of us don't need a second helping of the beef lo mein.

Hey, I'm all for reducing food waste. But just because I don't need a second helping of beef lo mein right NOW, doesn't mean I'm not going to need a first helping of LEFTOVER beef lo mein LATER. That's what leftovers are for -- taking home to eat when you stumble back drunk later that night. Case in point: do you know what I had for dinner after making it home from the bar last night? *eying mess in kitchen* Apparently nine more beers. Bad example.

Thanks to E V I L A R E S, who's so evil he plans on poisoning all his leftovers before posting them.

  • Colin


  • Taurus Lass

    let's share our food! Yeah... seems like a good idea, until you remember that time you got mono and your mom telling you "This is why you don't eat or drink after other people"

  • RDarker


  • Carissa Lynn van Raak

    ew.. no thankyou.

  • Bryan West

    Ok...not a good idea.

  • John_Drake

    Seems stupid/gross for individual meals, but a lot of companies (coffee shops, fast food, etc.) throw out a lot of food at the end of the day just because it "expires", yet is pretty much still good to eat for a few more days. Would work great for Salvation Army/Food Shelters/etc.

  • ODwanKenObi

    If the homeless don't like them. The homeless don't have to eat them!

  • John_Drake

    Top of the muffin to you!

  • tyljoh

    just when you think you've seen everything...

  • TempUserName4

    Maybe just repurpose the app to connect food shelters with restaurants, etc.. Incorporate a mechanism to give a printed/emailed receipt to the donation entities with the retail value of the goods for the purpose of tax writeoffs. Furthermore, you could network the food shelters with this app in such a way that fluctuating occupancy and demand could be met in real time.

    Just a thought, because eating someone's leftovers over a Craigslist knockoff seems sketchy.

  • ODwanKenObi

    You just assume the homeless will eat them, they'll eat anything? I know what you thought. They don't have homes. They don't have jobs. What do they need the rest of this salad for? Why don't you just drop off some chicken skins and lobster shells!

  • John_Drake

    Simmer down, Rebecca De Mornay!

  • TempUserName4


    As I imagined it, it could only be food from places that have sanitation grades, and it would be bulk leftovers from the kitchen and not a plate.

    Lobster shells... mmmmmm.

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    And fried chicken skin!

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