Animated GIF Of Earth's Changing Seasons In One Second

August 22, 2013


Note: Full-res version HERE.

This is an animated GIF featuring a year of earth's changing seasons in a single second. Just think, if time really went this fast you'd be dead in less than 80-seconds. Thankfully it doesn't though, so you'll survive until next next month when you're hit by a bread truck. "Impossible, there aren't any bread trucks around here." Because I haven't driven it there yet.

Thanks to me, for taking the time to learn the season-changing spell so I can take over after we kill Mother Nature with greenhouse gasses or whatever the hell we're doing.


    Watching this GIF reminds me of the Simpons episode where homer eats the insanity pepper and can control the sun.
    "Sunrise... sunset... sunrise... sunset. Sunrise! Sunset! Sunrise! D'oh!"

  • Altior

    Texas always stays the same. T_T

  • LeaAntesDeOpinar

    Alexis Texas

  • Ry Keener

    Can someone explain why the northern hemisphere gets more dramatic change with snowfall then the southern hemisphere?

  • Ken

    Well, since you ask...

    The southern tip of South America is about 55 degrees south of the equator. It's a relatively narrow land mass that has no parallel until you reach Africa (34 south) or Australia (38 south), and is surrounded by warming ocean masses. Corresponding points north of the equator lie at about the center line of the Canadian provinces, Belarus, etc in Europe, and Southern parts of Russia. These are huge land masses that don't receive the warming benefits of large bodies of water. Furthermore .... Ah, screw it - getting bored.

  • n_a_a_s

    having bread delivered here from a truck would be pretty cool

  • steve holt

    Props to you, geekologie writer. You always make me laugh.

  • Prometheus

    Wait... Are you telling me that Russia isn't just snow all the time?!

  • Konstantin

    It is. But we paint the snow green in the summer.

  • Prometheus

    Oh thank god. I thought the world as I knew it was destroyed! Now I can rest in peace.

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